Like any email-sending program, Enclose needs certain settings to send email, including the from address and mail server address.

When first run, Enclose Setup assistant creates some or all of these settings automatically, using known settings for MobileMe and Gmail email, or copying settings from Apple Mail if available. If none of these apply, Encloses guesses at a likely mail server address (, and asks you to check it.

To view and change Email address and server settings, choose Enclose > Preferences and click the Email icon in the Preferences window.

Change the settings as needed or as directed by your email administrator. To check whether Enclose email is working, click the Test Email button.

To have Enclose start an email message whenever a file is uploaded, check “Create email message when a new file is uploaded.”

To check whether the email settings are valid and working, click the Test Email button.

Email Preferences