Terms as they are used in Enclose Help

AFP: Apple File Protocol is the native language of file sharing on Mac OS X. AFP support is an option for Windows servers as well. Also called Apple File Sharing.

Choose ____ > ______:
From menu ____, choose the ______ item.

Download link:
An HTTP URL generated by Enclose that points to a file on a server. This link is passed to a recipient by email or other means. When the recipient clicks the link, the file is downloaded by the recipient’s web browser.

Finder: The Mac OS X file manager for looking at files on your hard disk, as well as connected servers. Represented by a blue face that does not look exactly like this.

FTP: File Transfer Protocol, a common language used to copy files between computers on the Internet. Inherently insecure both because it exposes passwords and the contents of files. SFTP, a secure version of FTP, solves this problem but is not currently supported by Enclose.

SMB: Server Message Block, the native language of file sharing on Windows.

URL: A web address to a file or folder starting with “http://”. When this term is used in Enclose Help, it usually refers to a folder address used to build download links by adding filenames.

WebDAV: Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning. An extension to HTTP (the web browsing protocol) that supports uploading and file management.
Wikipedia entry.

Zip: A common file format that includes lossless compression and combination of files and folders into a single file. Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows ME, and Windows Vista all have the built-in ability to uncompress and retrieve the contents of Zip files. For order Windows systems, WinZip is often installed. For older Mac systems, try Stuffit Expander.
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