(continued from part 1)

But you don’t have to use email. You can use any method you want for getting the link to someone. An especially handy method is instant messaging, which is easy with iChat. Start text chatting with someone (or a group of someones), and drag the link from your document’s icon in Enclose to the text chat window. That someone clicks the link, and the file downloads immediately at the speed of that person’s Internet connection. Note this this is not an IM-based file transfer. If you’ve sent files via instant messaging before, you’ll notice that the extra dialogs and buttons (and often, error messages), don’t appear.

Review and resend: All uploaded files and sent emails are remembered by Enclose. Want to get yesterday’s flyer to someone else? Click Files, click “New from File” to start a new message about it. Or, drag the URL right from the list. See the previously sent email by clicking Sent. Resend an old message with a click. If you do a Spotlight search for one of your recipients, a file name, or something mentioned in the email, your Enclose messages show up in the Spotlight results along with your ordinary emails and other documents.

Time and Space: At some point, after everyone has retrieved your file from your server, it should go away to make room for newer creations. Enclose handles this automatically, either by a time limit placed on each file (default 3 months), or by removing the oldest files when your server gets full. You set the overall policy in Enclose Preferences. With individual files, you can download, re-upload, or change the removal date.
How Enclose Works (part 2)