To view the list of previously uploaded files, click the “Files” toolbar button. The list includes file name, “On Server” status indicated by a green sphere, the last recipient and sent date, and automatic removal date. To see more information about a file, select one file in the list.

To send the file in a new email message, double-click the file in the list, or select the file in the list and click the New for File toolbar button.

To use the file’s download URL link in another program, drag the file from the list directly to the program.

To remove one or more files from the server, select the files in the list and choose File > Remove from Server.

To re-upload a file that has been removed by you (or automatically by Enclose), select the file in the list and choose File > Upload To Server.

To change the scheduled removal date of one files, select the files in the list and choose File > Set Remove Date. In the sheet, change the data and time by clicking the number you want to change and typing or use the up/down arrows. To prevent removal of the file, click Never Remove. Then click OK.

As a shortcut, you can change a remove date by double-clicking it in the list and editing the date. You must follow the date format exactly. You may enter “Never” instead of a date. Click outside the date and see if it is correct.

To locate a particular file by file name or last recipient name, type part of the name into the search field while the the Files list is displayed.

To permanently remove a file from the list, select it in the list and choose Edit > Delete. This removes it from Enclose’s database, but does not affect any copies of the file on the server nor does it affect the original file you dragged to Enclose. To make this distinction, the warning dialog uses the term “Forget” to refer to a file reference being deleted from the Enclose database rather than from any server or your file system.

Toolbar buttons are available for the commands Remove From Server, Upload To Server, and Delete/Forget. To display them, choose View > Customize Toolbar.

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