Configure Directory Server



This controls what datafile the server uses and global settings for this directory.

Stand-alone server or AppleShare Users & Groups mirror: Choose whether this directory runs on its own or loads and updates itself from an AppleShare IP Registry. See Mirroring AppleShare.

Administrator Name: The user name of an AppleShare server administrator. Required to be able to access and mirror AppleShare.

Administrator Password: Password of an AppleShare server administrator. Also required for access.

Email Domain: The domain name of email users on the AppleShare server. Used to create full email addresses from Alias names in AppleShare.

Last, First / Last First: To properly support users who have AppleShare user names in surname-before-given name format, check either or both boxes. Use "Last, First" if some of these AppleShare user names contain commas; use "Last First" if some do not.

Administrator's Email: Enter the email address of the administrator here. Will be used in a future version for remote notification.

Max entries to return: Limits the number of entries returned to an LDAP client when a search is too broad. 100 is a traditional value, although you may leave blank to allow any number of entries to be returned. Some client programs set their own limit, which is honored by ClickMail upon that program's request.

Max seconds to search: Similar to max entries, limits the amount of time used by a single search, including the time to return entries. Some client programs set their own time limit.

New... button: To create an empty, new datafile to store your directory in, click New. The datafile is actually created when you click OK in the Configure Directory Server window.

Open... button: To open an existing datafile, click Open and select the file. The new file is actually opened when you click OK in the Configure Directory Server window. Any previously open file is closed at that time.