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ClickMail and the Network Browser

ClickMail Central Directory works perfectly as a server for Sherlock 2's People channel.

Sherlock 2 in Mac OS 9 divides searches into several "channels." The People channel enables searching LDAP directories by name, listing email addresses and phone numbers. Thanks to LDAP's efficient "lightweight" protocol, searches are quick and take practically no bandwidth. Every Mac OS 9 user has an easy, accessable way to lookup contact information.

As an LDAP server, ClickMail Central Directory provides the one-source Master Address Book that works with major email clients and Sherlock 2. By keeping contact info for users, vendors, and clients in one place, email address book distribution, translation, and consistency problems are history. And, a simple plug-in puts your own in-house ClickMail server in the Sherlock 2 People channel!

  About ClickMail

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