Run the installer program on your Mac and follow on-screen instructions. An administrator password is required. It is normal for two installer icons to appear in the dock for a few seconds.

After a new installation, DigiTunnel Setup Assistant helps create your initial settings. The next step is to connect using Internet Connect, or open DigiTunnel system preferences to review your settings.

When using DigiTunnel preferences, this User Guide may be opened by clicking the "?" button.

DigiTunnel installation replaces one file (pppd) in the OS X System folder. The original pppd file is saved in the DigiTunnel folder.

Important--the uninstaller must be run to restore your system to its original state. To uninstall:

  1. From the folder /Library/Application Support/DigiTunnel, open Uninstall DigiTunnel. Follow on-screen instructions. An administrator password is required.
  2. The uninstaller restores OS X's original pppd file. If this process is not successful for some reason, you are notified. Manuan uninstall instructions may be found in the Original folder.
  3. If the DigiTunnel icon remains after re-opening System Preferences, delete this file:
        <your Home>/Library/Caches/
  4. After successfully uninstalling, you may delete the empty Original folder and the DigiTunnel folder which contains it.
  5. You may also remove the preferences file, com.gracion.pptp, located in the user preferences folder.