Release Notes

• Release candidate. Expires 30-days from first run, unless serial number is entered.
• Vendor string from PPTP server is displayed in Connection Log.
• "Can't open slave-to-ppp FIFO for reading" error fixed.

1.0b5 -
• Fixed bug that delayed Mac OS sleep by 15-30 seconds.
• if getserverIP gets all FF’s, should return 0 for error, not use 0 for ip! (plugin) (not sure when done)

1.0b4 -

• Fixed bug in server route creation, which prevented tunnel from working in all-vpn mode. Only plugin.ppp is changed from 1.0b3.

1.0b3 -
• Server route enhanced to support load-shared VPN service (multiple IPs). (This lead to bug fixed in b4).• Uninstaller now restores original pppd automatically (unless a newer pppd appears to have been installed by OS X). Previous versions required command line.
• MSCHAPv2 Password Change is supported, and even stores the new password in your prefs. If DigiTunnel preferences is left open during a password change, re-enter the password in preferences to avoid a possible erasure. If DigiTunnel preferences is not displayed in System preferences, the new password is safely stored.
Note: older versions of MSCHAP password change are not supported (and are very insecure).
• Fixed bug where added custom routes were not saved
• Fixed logging whe encryption off.
• VJ compression support.
• New user Setup Assistant added.
• Improved detailed connection failure reporting.
• Does not create unnecessary custom routes in VPN only mode.

1.0b2 -
• Added MSCHAPv1 authentication.
• Added 40- and 56-bit encryption (already had 128-bit).
• Connection log now works in Internet Connect. This may be used for troubleshooting instead of system log. Verbose logging supported.
• Modified system configuration entries to be more DAVE-friendly. However, DAVE does not appear to work over DigiTunnel VPN.
• Slightly more lenient MSCHAPv2 authentication to try for compatibility with WatchGuard Firebox.
• New configuration tutorial.
• Reporting of connection problems improved (specific log entries, SIGCHLD added in daemon).
• Preferences item tabbing improved.
• Advanced option "com.gracion.deldefault" deleted default route just before connecting. For non-routed private networks.
• Encryption on by default.
• Location-agnostic DigiTunnel configurations remain, even if you change locations.
• Partial German language support.

1.0b1 -
• First public beta release.

After installation, the DigiTunnel Read Me file may be found here: /Library/Application Support/DigiTunnel/