Servers Preferences contain settings for uploading to one or more servers. The settings include storage limits and the base url used to create download links. The initial server settings for one server are created by Enclose Setup assistant.

To change settings for a server, select it in the Servers list (left side of Servers panel) and make changes on the right.

To change which server is preferred for uploading files, drag the name of the preferred server to the top of the Servers list. Enclose uploads to the first server in the list which has not reached its storage limit.

To completely prevent Enclose from uploading to a server, select the server and uncheck Allow uploads. Enclose continues to manage any existing sent files while uploading is not allowed.

To remove a server, so that it no longer appears in Enclose, select the server in the Servers list and click the minus button. All files that were previously uploaded to the server are also deleted from Enclose’s lists. When deleting a server, you may optionally remove any files from the server itself (see message after clicking the minus button).To stop using a server without forgetting it, uncheck Allow uploads.

If the preferred (first) server is offline, Enclose will give an error message when trying to upload. Drag another, working, server to the top of the list.

To check server settings and whether it is working, select the server and click the Check Server Status button. This uploads and downloads a test file according to current settings, and reports the result. The result of the last test (”Server status” is shown at the bottom of the window).

When Enclose is opened (launched), an upload/download test is performed on the preferred (first-listed) server.

Some servers may be configured in a way that prevents download of files with certain extensions. For example a file ending in .pl.gif was treated as an executable at a site. This can be avoided by configuring the server. On Apache servers (including Mac OS X Personal Web Sharing and OS X Server), this is usually handled with an .htaccess file.

Files with certain file extensions are always zipped when uploading. This is controlled by a preference, GSdAlwaysZipExtensions, which advanced users may configure using the defaults command-line tool. The preference value is a list, initially set to php, phps, shmtl.

To add a server or change settings see:
Servers Preferences - Introduction