1.1 - Zip Control 10/25/09

New in this release:
• Added Zip Preferences pane with multiple options for controlling what files are zipped when sending
• Added server popup selection in toolbar for easy switching.
• Fixed issues when upgrading to a new OS (such as Snow Leopard).
• Fixed compatibility with GoDaddy FTP service.
• Updated .Mac references to MobileMe, me.com.

1.0.3 - Choose Files
4/17/08 12:17 PM

New in this release:
• Added “Choose Files To Send...” to File menu, as another way to select files other than dragging to Enclose or dock.
• Renamed other command to “Restore To Server” to clarify meaning.
• Fixed: “Evaluation expired” displayed prematurely to non-admin OS X users.

1.0.2 - Numeric IP and FileZilla
4/3/08 12:20 PM

New in this release:
• Now works with with FileZilla open source FTP server.
• Outgoing mail server may now be entered as a numeric dotted IP address (in addition to regular server name).
• Fixed text wrap problem in plain text email view.
• Fixed problem recovering from wrong FTP password when setting up server in Preferences window.

1.0.1 - Expiration fix
3/10/08 10:11 PM

New in this release:
• Fixed: Erroneous expiration message when dragging file to Enclose.

1.0 - Gracion Enclose is here! 2/28/08 4:57 PM
First non-beta release. Enclose provides a fully-functional evaluation for 30 days from the first time this version is opened.

New in this release:
• Evaluation mode. Evaluation reminder at launch. To purchase a license, choose Enclose > Purchase. To enter a purchased serial number, choose Enclose > Register Serial.
• After evaluation expires, uploads and email sending are disabled. Filed messages and server access still provided.
• Fixed: In Setup Assistant, when manually entering a download URL for a file-based server (only after automatic discovery failed), the URL did not work.
• Fixed: After unchecking “Allow PGP encryption,” encryption was still enabled if sub-preference “Always encrypt” was still checked.
• Fixed: Animate URL preference not taking effect at times.

About Enclose

Gracion Enclose sends files to anyone, without email attachment hassles such as file size limits. Instead of attaching, just drag a file to Enclose. It puts the file on your own server such as Mac.com or your web server, then creates an email with the correct link for that file.
To install Enclose, drag it from the supplied disk image to your Applications Folder. Detailed setup instructions, should you want them, are in Enclose Help. See the Help menu in Enclose, or online.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5 (Universal for PowerPC or Intel).
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