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The Promise of LDAP:
Standards-based Internet Directories

Slides and references for the Macworld Expo conference session

Slides are in Acrobat PDF format for easy online viewing or downloading:

The Promise of LDAP July 23, 1999 conference session slides. Includes a "Planning" section not used in the talk, but useful as a checklist for planning LDAP implementation. This final version contains details not included on the Macworld Pro/Conference CD-ROM.

Registry & Directory Infrastructure: A Case History by Jeff Hodges. Slides from his talk presented via videoconference during the session. Describes how directory services with LDAP were implemented for Stanford University.

Sites and information :

LDAP roadmap and FAQ - Jeff Hodges' comprehensive guide to everything LDAP.

What is LDAP? - our own explanation, with examples in various LDAP clients. This page includes these links:

Schemas: inetO rgPerson - IWPS (Internet White Pages)

Netscape LDAP FAQ


Links and Software - our LDAP-related links page.

RFC 2251 - The keystone LDAP specification document.

RFC Search - Find any RFC by content or number (Use FTP option, not HTTP, to find by number).

RFCs - Selected RFCs for email technologies; includes a few LDAP-related items. Hosted by the Internet Mail Consortium.

ITU Publications - Downloadable X.500 specification documents. Not free--each document runs about $15 and up.


Book titles link to current selections at Powell's Books.

Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services -- the new bible; 846 pages! By Howes, Smith and Good, 1999 MacMillian.

LDAP: Programming Directory-Enabled Applications with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol -- a programmer's how-to book for the LDAP client side. By Howes and Smith, 1997 MacMillian.

Search for LDAP books at Powells