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Note: After this release, ClickMail Directory Server was renamed "ClickMail Central Directory"

Directory Server for Mac OS Announced

First Mac server app for new LDAP "White Pages" Internet standard

SAN FRANCISCO-January 6, 1998-One Click Systems announced today the first LDAP directory server for Mac OS: ClickMail® Directory Server. The company will demonstrate a working prototype tonight at Macworld/Pro Conference. The company plans to offer a free preview edition in the near future and will ship the 1.0 release in April 1998.

ClickMail Directory Server, running on Mac OS alongside email and web servers such as AppleShare IP, will provide Internet standard "white pages" service using LDAP, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. This allows users to look up email addresses, "business card" information, and a slew of other data types directly inside LDAP-enabled applications. These applications already include Netscape Communicator, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora Pro, QuickMail Pro, and other email clients.

"LDAP directory servers help solve a problem that millions of email users have discovered-how do you find the email address of someone if they haven't emailed you first?" explains Paul A. Collins, Owner/Developer of One Click Systems. "ClickMail Directory Server will let Mac-centric or mixed-platform businesses provide a master list of email addresses, phone numbers, and more-for their own users or on the Internet."

When installed with AppleShare IP 5.0, ClickMail Directory Server can use the AppleShare Users & Groups file as its database, providing easy setup and eliminating the need to maintain duplicate user databases. It will also be able to download a department's group of names from a corporate LDAP/X.500 server and load them into AppleShare's Users & Groups-freeing administrators from the need to type in all those users. For use without AppleShare, ClickMail has its own built-in database.

LDAP is a flexible, extensible directory system that stores email and postal addresses, phone and fax numbers, even pictures. And it's not limited to people-LDAP can list equipment (such as printers by location), departments, URLs, or anything that people would search for in a directory. Administrators may choose to publish some of their LDAP data on the Internet, as part of a global LDAP hierarchy of servers. There are web-to-LDAP gateways, and direct access to LDAP from browsers such as Netscape Communicator.

LDAP provides the "master address book" to go with POP or IMAP email. ClickMail Directory Server will let administrators provide this new Internet standard service to all their email users from a Mac OS server.

Further information on ClickMail Directory Server is available from our web site at <http://www.gracion.com/server/>. Links to other sites explaining LDAP are featured.

One Click Systems, located in Ashland, Oregon, USA, is an independent software vendor specializing in Macintosh and Internet standards. The company is the developer of ClickMail Internet Gateway, which connects QuickMail LAN email software to Internet mail with a standard Internet dial-up account. Additional product information is available on the Web at http://www.gracion.com/ .

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