Web Administration—Edit Mode



To view, edit, add, or delete entries, use edit mode. To enter this mode, from the login pop-up menu choose Entries, or from other pages' mode pop-up menu choose Edit mode.

Edit mode corresponds the Entries window in ClickMail's local interface. As in the local window, each entry is "live:" any changes made to an entry are stored simply by choosing a command to view, find, or browse other entries. The Submit button, which saves the current entry, does not have to be used.

Navigation controls for edit mode are at the top of the page. Use the arrow buttons to go to other entries, just like the local interface. To switch to Find Mode or Browse Mode, choose from the mode pop-up menu. As in the local interface, any changes to the current entry are saved when you go to another entry or mode.

To add or remove an attribute value, click the plus or minus icon next to a value. To add a new attribute, choose it from the New Attribute pop-up menu. To add an attribute that is not in the menu, choose Other and enter the attribute name in the Attribute column, alongside the new value.

The distinguished name (dn) of an entry uniquely identifies that entry in the directory. The attribute value that makes up the first part of the dn has a bold attribute name. The dn may be changed by changing the value of that attribute. To use a different attribute value as the first part of the dn, click the "DN:" label (upper left of the page, next to the distinguished name). This opens a separate window. Choose the attribute and value you want to use for the distinguished name.

To reset attribute values to their previous values, click the Reset button—however, this does not undo the adding or deleting of attributes. To cancel all changes made to the current entry, click the Cancel button. The original entry is displayed.

To delete the current entry, click the Delete entry button. Entries with children may not be deleted unless you first delete their children.

To store changes to the current entry, click the Submit button. Or, click one of the entry arrow buttons, the add entry or add child buttons, or choose a different mode from the mode pop-up menu. Changes are not saved if you close the window, click a link in the heading, type in a new URL, use a bookmark, or use the browser's Back, Forward, or other navigation commands.

To create a new entry, click the add button or add child button at the top of the page. A blank entry based on ClickMail preset emailPerson entry is created. Fill in or add any attributes desired, then click Submit, an add button, an arrow button, or choose a new mode. Any attributes with blank values are stripped from the entry before it is saved.