Other Issues



Performance (speed)

Logging: avoid the "All" logging intensity setting, which displays a large amount of information for troubleshooting use.

Foreground/background: Although it runs slightly faster when in the front (foreground), ClickMail runs nicely in the background when another application is in front. However, some applications, when in the foreground, slow down background applications (including ClickMail). Two applications to avoid running in the foreground over ClickMail are Vicom Internet Gateway and FileMaker Pro (regular version). Because FileMaker's own hosting performance suffers in the background, running ClickMail on the same server as FileMaker is not recommended.

Giving ClickMail higher CPU priority: To prevent other applications running with ClickMail from taking so much CPU time that ClickMail slows down, use Peek-a-Boo ($20, shareware). Peek-a-Boo can assign a lower priority to the offending application , or give ClickMail a higher priority. http://www.clarkwoodsoftware.com/peekaboo/

Importing problems

Check the log window for details on why individual entries were rejected or ignored. Make sure your imported data contains either a distinguished name, full name (common name), or first and last name fields. See Export/Import for more information.

Tab-delimited files: Check that there are no return characters in your data, thus splitting one entry into two. When the Import People Only box is checked, entries are rejected if their entry type is not a person or subclass of person known to ClickMail (emailPerson, organizationalPerson, inetOrgPerson, residentialPerson). For example, the subschema entry in an import file would be rejected—but in most cases that's good.

Unexpected quits and crashes

ClickMail is stable running on Macs that meet its system requirements. If you are experiencing crashes, check for conflicting (usually non-Apple) extensions on your system, and consider doing a clean system reinstall. Check the Gracion Software web site to see if a newer version of ClickMail is available.