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The Master Address Book for Mac OS

Compatible with
OS X Address Book and Mail, Netscape, Eudora, Microsoft Outlook, Mulberry, QuickMail Pro,
Sherlock 2 and any mail server!
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User's view (in email programs)

AppleShare IP integration

What is LDAP?

ClickMail and Sherlock 2

ClickMail and Mac OS 9's Network Browser


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ClickMail Central Directory is the master address book that lets your users find new and current email addresses without wasting their time--or yours.

The Hard Way: Maintain separate personal address books in each user's email program. Whenever an address is added or changed, everybody wastes time finding out what it is (or having important messages undelivered). As administrator, you spend your valuable time sending out updates, perhaps in 3 or 4 different formats for different programs!

The Easy Way: Run ClickMail Central Directory on one Mac; enter your users' email addresses once. Any Mac or PC user looks up an address from within their email program and instantly sends email to the right address. When it's time to make changes, just update ClickMail.

Because ClickMail talks directly to your email clients, you can use it with any mail server.(It can share user data with AppleShare IP).

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