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ClickMail Central Directory is Year 2000 Compliant

Gracion Software certifies that ClickMail Central Directory has been tested for Year 2000 compliance, and that these tests have shown that the software is working correctly in the year 2000.

This is a Year 2000 Rediness Disclosure Statement. For those viewing this document before purchasing ClickMail software: Statements made to you in the course of this sale are subject to the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act. In the case of a dispute, this Act may reduce your legal rights regarding the use of any such statements, unless otherwise specified by your contract or tariff.

Use of ClickMail with other Internet email software

ClickMail software is used in conjunction with other software (such as Internet servers and clients) which may or may not be year 2000 compliant. While it is not possible to test ClickMail with all other software, ClickMail software is designed to accept incorrect data from other programs without crashing or interference with its normal operation. This design should protect ClickMail from serious problems, even if the software communicates with non-compliant software.

ClickMail users should check on year 2000 compliance for any clients they use with ClickMail. However, for basic email address lookups, dates are not used, and in any case the protocol used between ClickMail and clients, LDAP, already uses 4-digit years, so no changes for year 2000 compliance should be required.

ClickMail updates for year 2000

As expected, no revision to ClickMail software was needed for the year 2000. The current version, 1.1.1, is fully compliant.

Use of Mac OS helps ensure year 2000 compliance

ClickMail Central Directory uses Mac OS date and time procedures (Toolbox calls) that are intrinsically year 2000 compliant.These procedures accurately represent dates between 1904 and 2040. ClickMail stores all dates with a 4-digit year as defined in the LDAP Internet protocol.

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The following is the procedure used by Gracion Software for testing ClickMail Central Directory for Year 2000 compliance:

Startup in Year 2000

Per Apple Year 2000 procedure, set date/time to a minute before 1/1/2000, shut down for more than a minute, then startup.

Launch ClickMail Central Directory. Create and modify dates (in the year 2000) properly created and formatted. Record creation, editing, and LDAP searches (using Netscape and QuickMail Pro clients) work correctly. Test successful.

Startup in 1999, run through midnight to year 2000

Set date/time to 11:50 PM, 12/31/1999. Launch software. Run gateway session that continues through midnight.

ClickMail Central Directory

LDAP query started before and finished after midnight ran correctly. Dates in log and stored in date attributes are correct. Test successful.

4-digit year display setting in Mac OS Date & Time control Panel results in correct 4-digit year display in ClickMail logs.

Tests were completed on November 29, 1998 by Paul A. Collins, author of ClickMail for QuickMail Internet Gateway and ClickMail Central Directory.

Document created November 30, 1998.