Download DigiTunnel and wait for the OS X Installer window to open. Follow on-screen instructions. An administrator password is required.

After a new installation, DigiTunnel Setup Assistant helps create your initial settings. The next step is to connect using DigiTunnel's status/control menu, or open DigiTunnel system preferences to review your settings.

When using DigiTunnel preferences, this User Guide may be opened by clicking the "?" button.

Upgrading from DigiTunnel 1.1 or later versions

Run the installer as usual.

Upgrading from DigiTunnel 1.0

  1. (important) Uninstall 1.0: Run the "Uninstall DigiTunnel" in /Library/Application Support/DigiTunnel. This restores OS X's pppd module if it has been moved. The 1.0 uninstaller may be run on OS X 10.1 or 10.2.
  2. Run the new DigiTunnel installer. No restart is needed.
  3. Look for the new control/status icon in the menubar (two black dots and a gray bar). If you do not see this, open DigiTunnel Preferences and re-check "Show Control/Status menu".

Because DigiTunnel has many parts, we strongly recommend using the Uninstall DigiTunnel if you wish to remove the software:

  1. From the folder /Library/Application Support/DigiTunnel, open Uninstall DigiTunnel. Follow on-screen instructions. An administrator password is required. If you can't find Uninstall DigiTunnel, you can download it here:
         Uninstall DigiTunnel (1.4.4)
  2. If the DigiTunnel icon remains after re-opening System Preferences, you can remove the last trace of it by deleting this file:
        <your Home>/Library/Caches/