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DigiTunnel 1.5.1


DigiTunnel is the easy-to-use Mac OS X VPN client for connecting to VPN Servers such as Windows Server, NT Server 4.0, Watchguard, Nortel, and OS X Server. It uses PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), an open Internet standard devised by Microsoft and Cisco.

On OS X 10.5 ("Leopard"), DigiTunnel provides compatibility with a variety of VPN Servers, the most flexible split-routing to connect directly to Internet sites while on the VPN, and allows customization of PPP options. On OS X 10.4 ("Tiger") and earlier versions, DigiTunnel also adds advanced VPN features without needing to upgrade the OS. DigiTunnel Setup Assistant and the system-wide control/status menu make setup and use a snap. Prompt email and phone support is provided.

DigiTunnel works over your existing Internet connection, whether it is a dial-up modem, DSL, cable modem, Airport*, T-1, etc. For compatible VPN servers and routers, see our compatibility list. DigiTunnel supports MSCHAP and MSCHAPv2 authentication, and 40-, 56-, and 128-bit-key MPPE encryption.

The complete DigiTunnel application may be evaluated free for up to 30 days. To continue using DigiTunnel please purchase a license using the DigiTunnel order form.

*VPN = Virtual Private Networking

To make this guide appear in a different web browser, select the index page in the Finder, choose Get Info, Open with application. The index page is at /Library/Application Support/DigiTunnel/Help/index.html


Grateful thanks to great people: Eric Gundrum, Alan Oppenheimer, David Bakkom, Omar Shahine, Marc Rhodes, Justin C. Walker, John Hurley, Tom Weyer, Dieter Siegmund, Christophe, our friends at Zero G Software, and Catherine A. Carrier.

Modified source code for the open-source portion of this software (pppd) may be downloaded.

DigiTunnel was designed and coded by Paul A. Collins and Andreas Monitzer.
(C)2002-2008 Gracion Software