DigiTunnel menu icon is two dots connected by a gray "tunnel".Connect using the Control/Status menu
DigiTunnel's control/status menu appears as an icon at the right side of the Mac's menu bar.

The menu may appear to the left or right of the clock and other icons.

To connect, choose Connect from the menu. When connected, the icon changes to green dots and a black "tunnel."

If you have more than one DigiTunnel configuration, choose the desired configuration from this menu before connecting. Only one VPN connection can be used at a time.

Before connecting DigiTunnel, your regular Internet connection (modem, cable modem, DSL, etc.) should already be connected.

If you have difficulty connecting, choose "Troubleshooting" from the contents at left.

To disconnect from the VPN, close any services you may be using over the VPN, then choose Disconnect.

Before disconnecting, be sure to close any files opened over the VPN, and disconnect from any servers connected over the VPN. If you disconnect with a VPN-mounted server open, the Finder may freeze (spinning color beachball) for a minute or two while it tries to reach the server. Wait until the Finder unfreezes.

Force Disconnect
If you believe that the VPN is connected even though the menu shows "Connect," you can choose this option to disconnect any configuration that hasn't closed properly. This applies to all configurations; it is not necessary to choose a configuration from the menu.

Fast User Switching
If you switch to another user while connected, you will see the Control/Status menu indicating your connection. If you log into another user while not connected, the Control/Status menu only appears if that user has set up DigiTunnel.When switching users while not connected, each user sees his or her own DigiTunnel configurations. Fast User Switching is available in Mac OS X 10.3 or later; enabled in Accounts System Preferences.

Removing or moving the menu
The menu may be removed by choosing "Remove This Menu." This does not affect the VPN connection. To redisplay the menu, open DigiTunnel Preferences, General tab, and check "Show Control/Status menu." Removing the menu is useful if you run out of room in the menu bar.

Only Apple icon menuss are command-draggable, but you can move our menu if it is right of the clock: choose "Move This Menu Left" from the menu itself.

Connection AppleScripts
The Scripting folder (/Library/Application Support/DigiTunnel/Scriptiong) contains two AppleScripts that cause DigiTunnel to connect or disconnect.

To use, launch one of the applets, or incorporate the text from the scripts into your own scripts.

If you are using a configuration named something other than "Default", change the name in the script.

If you're unfamiliar with AppleScript and would like your Mac to do your bidding automatically, check out the free ebook AppleScript for Absolute Starters .