Release Notes

1.5.1 (GM) - August 15, 2009
• Bypassed packet length check causing problems for a customer.

1.5.1b1 - August 2, 2009
• Fixed DNS issues in split routing mode that were introduced in 1.5.
• Added option not to warn about mounted servers when disconnecting.
• Non-admin users can register the software.

1.5b1 - November 16, 2008
• Configuration changes to accommodate Entourage.
• No longer switches primary network service in split-routing mode.
• Fixed PPTP expired password change on Intel Macs.
• Fixed minor NSAutoreleasePool leaks.
• Setup Assistant universal binary.

1.4.4 - March 20, 2006
• Fixed errors when installing on OS X 10.3.9 (daemon crash on launch, install not allowed on any volume).
• Uninstaller reported "Nothing to uninstall" when uninstall was actually successful.
• Uninstaller loop if run from mounted server

1.4.3 - February 12, 2006
Universal binary build - runs on PowerPC- and Intel-based Macs.
• Fixed case where DigiTunnel won't operate if Application Support/DigiTunnel folder was replaced by dragging or backup software.
• Special characters (ç, §, etc.) in passwords could result in failed login.
• Localized in French

1.4.2 - May 3, 2005
• Startup item group changed to wheel for improved security and OS X 10.4 (Tiger) installation.
• Move This Menu Left no longer appears on OS X 10.4 (Tiger) - no longer needed.

1.4.1 - March 23, 2005
• Fixed runaway condition in pptp-slave module which could occur with certain VPN servers when they refuse authentication.
• Fixed runaway condition in digitunnel-daemon which could occur when DigiTunnel Dialer quits.
• Fixed: Extended characters in configuration name prevented saved password from being used.
• Fixed: If a route started with a number less than 128, any subsequent routes were ignored.
• Added key-length popup menu to German version of General tab.

1.4 - November 23 2004
• Supports Fast User Switching. Can switch while connected.
• New, lightning fast installer (using Mac OS X Installer); new fast and easy uninstaller, which includes serial and preferences management. Much more reliable than old installer and uninstaller.
• Control Status Menu now sees new configurations as soon as you create them.
• Control Status Menu (DigiTunnel-Dialer) is now launched by your user Startup Items. This is turned on and off in DigiTunnel Preferences (as before), but also can be changed in System Preferences->Accounts. This works better for multiple users.
• Fixed Setup Assistant not saving preferences in Jaguar.
• Misc minor bug fixes.

1.3.0 - November 10 '03
• Panther (Mac OS X 10.3) compatible!
• Various revs to work on Panther, including new launcher for DigiTunnel-Dialer
• Get Info strings changed for Panther, which shows different ones (previous versions may show incorrect version in Panther Finder).
• Serial upgrade support
• After unexpected "fatal" connection failure, no longer prevents reconnection (daemon resets status).

1.2.0 - October 23 '03 - Major release
• Removed bogus warning about unencrypted connection when successfully connected to Mac OS X Server VPN.

1.2b4 - October 8 '03
• Encryption key length is now a pop-up preference
• Setup Assistant now includes checkbox for Nortel/Watchguard VPN servers (equivalent to the choice in the new key length popup).
• Default mtu is now 700 for greater compatibility with most common situations.
• Cleaner uninstall (quits control/status application, deletes .iac folder which is difficult to empty from Trash).
• Installs runnable AppleScripts (resource forks).
• Size report removed from Installer due to big delay.
• Incorrect error message after successful unencrypted connection is now supressed.
• Improved error message for CHAP v1 authentication.

1.2b3 - August 7 '03
• AppleScripts now provided to connect/disconnect.
• Prevents connecting if already connected. This means you can run the connect AppleScript without having to know if connected or not.
• Volume checking made more specific to try to avoid spurious "SMB mounted" warnings.
• Subnet mask setting moved to Routes tab where it belongs.
• FIFOs (inter-module communication) moved to hidden folder in Application Support/DigiTunnel where utilities won't mess with them.
• Fixed field tabbing in General tab.
• Verbose logging option (which doesn't do anything) removed.
• Better warnings (when needed, and not) about encryption status.
• Advanced dialog OK button de-coupled from return key.
• Force Disconnect command added to control/status menu.
• Fixed an infinite loop caused by a rare login failure condition. This appears as a slowdown of the Mac with "pptp-slave" using a large CPU %.
• Fixed the rare login failure condition (hang on certain "New Oak" authentication failures).

1.2b2 - Mar. 6 '03
• This adds the "resist-term" Advanced option to avoid unexpected termination of the starting phase of DigiTunnel connections.

1.2b1 - Mar. 3 '03
• Settings changes in OS X 10.2.3 or later now take effect without restart.
• New preference: "Header compression". Defaults to off (but pre-1.2 configurations use header compression until re-saved). Turning this on may reduce compatibility with non-Microsoft VPN servers. Header compression saves 2 bytes per packet. (Leaving this off uses the ppp option "nopcomp")

After installation, the DigiTunnel Read Me file may be found here: /Library/Application Support/DigiTunnel/