Compatible Servers and Routers

(see below for Routers)


Here's a list of PPTP VPN servers and the state of compatibility with DigiTunnel as a client, to the best of our knowledge. This information comes from a variety of sources and does not indicate "support" or a guarantee of compatibility with servers listed.

Server Type Compatible? Notes
Windows 2000 Server OS Yes Compatible for MSCHAP, MSCHAPv2 Authentication; 40-, 56-, and 128-bit MPPE encryption. Supported.
Microsoft NT Server 4.0 OS Yes, with latest Service Pack Compatible for MSCHAP, MSCHAPv2 Authentication; 40-, 56-, and 128-bit MPPE encryption. Supported.
Astaro Secure Linux Software Reported yes
Cisco routers/VPN servers Router Reported yes for 3000 Cisco 3000 series is reportedly compatible. Cisco has clients for Mac OS 9 and OS X, but we're told they're IPSec.
Microsoft ISA Server (Internet Security and Acceleration) Software Pending We expect to become compatible with ISA's PPTP server, but there is a reported problem.
Netopia 9100 series routers Router Mixed reviews. Good report on a "9131". On R9100: Good report without VPN accelerator board. Bad report with VPN accelerator board.
Nortel Contivity 1000 Router No Protocol Reject errors. (Vendor string: "New Oak Communications, Inc.")
PoPToP (unix) Software No Encryption not working. BSD-based PoPToP is not working with DigiTunnel, and Linux also may have a bug regarding CCP (see
Watchguard Firebox Router DigiTunnel 1.1 only Compatible with Watchguard models that support PPTP


These routers appear to support the PPTP protocol so that one or more PPTP clients can connect through them. You may need to configure your router to pass PPTP, or turn off it's NAT (Network Address Translation) to permit use of DigiTunnel. Many routers not listed may support PPTP. See notes below and your router's documentation.

Router Type Compatible? Notes
Airport Base Station Wireless Not with NAT on, but check update. May work with new software. Check Apple for updates.

Workaround: turn off NAT.

Harmony 802.11b Access Point Wireless Yes Reported working.
IPNetRouter Software Yes Supports one PPTP client at a time. Mac OS 8-9.
MacSense XRouterPro Box Yes Supports one PPTP client at a time.
NetGear MR314 Wireless Box Yes Reported working with DigiTunnel, supports "VPN Passthrough"
Netline Broadband Gateway Box Yes Reported working.
SMC 7004BR ? Yes OK with NAT on. Reporting user is having problems using Lotus Notes, but this is not thought to be a router issue.