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DigiTunnel 1.0b1 Public Beta released

Professional PPTP VPN client comes to Mac OS X

ASHLAND, OREGON--April 10, 2002:
Gracion Software is very pleased to announce the public beta release of DigiTunnel 1.0b1.


DigiTunnel is the Mac OS X VPN client for connecting to Windows servers. It uses PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), the VPN standard supported on Microsoft servers.

DigiTunnel works over your existing Internet connection, be it dial-up, Airport*, cable modem, DSL or T-1. DigiTunnel supports Classic applications over the VPN, optional split VPN/direct Internet routing, MSCHAPv2 authentication and 128-bit-key MPPE encryption. It is tightly integrated into Mac OS X, using the existing interfaces of System Preferences and Internet Connect. It uses Mac OS X's built-in encryption system, the Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA).

DigiTunnel will be released as a commercial software product very soon.

*A word about NAT: To use DigiTunnel on a Mac behind a NAT router, that router must support PPTP connections. Many do, although currently Airport's built-in NAT does not. DigiTunnel does work over Airport if its NAT feature is turned off. For more information on NAT requirements and routers, see the online DigiTunnel Users Guide:


To download DigiTunnel Public Beta, view the Users Guide, or join a DigiTunnel email or chat group, start here:


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This document may be found at http://www.gracion.com/server/release1.1.html