Files preferences control automatic removal of a file uploaded to your server for sending. Your recipients can only use the download link for as long as the file remains on the server. But at some point, the file, which is only an intermediate copy between you and your recipients, is taking up space unnecessarily, and should be removed.

There are two alternate strategies provided by Enclose for automatically removing files:

By time: A file remains on the server for a fixed period of time from when it was uploaded or last sent. At the end of that time it is removed.

When server is full: A file remains on the server until the server becomes “full.” When Enclose needs more room on the server to upload a new file, the oldest files are removed as needed to make room. Files that have never been sent (emailed) are removed first, starting with the oldest upload dates. Then, if necessary, files that were sent are removed, starting with the oldest sent dates.

“Full” either means the server volume is literally full, or the Storage Limit set in Enclose Servers Preferences has been reached. On some servers, including FTP servers, the literal volume size is unknown, and you may get an upload error when the limit is reached. If this happens, set the Storage Limit below the current “Using” size.

When By time is selected, whenever a file is emailed, the expiration date is reset per this setting, if the file had a previous expiration date and the new date is later. If all active servers become full (before enough files expire), the oldest files are removed to make room for new uploads.

To change the period before automatic removal when any file is uploaded or sent, enter a number and choose an interval from the Minutes/Hours/Days/Weeks/Months popup menu.

Changing this preference does not affect existing files unless they are resent. That is, expiration dates for existing files remain in effect.

To view and change the removal date for an individual file, select it in the
Files list and choose File > Set Remove Date.... A file’s removal date may be set to “never.” This keeps the file on the server indefinitely in either mode.
Files Preferences