To view the list previously messages, click the Sent toolbar button. To view an entire message select it (one click) in the list. (To view saved drafts, click Drafts.)

Previous messages are indexed and findable with Spotlight. Under Leopard, previous messages can be opened in Quick Look (without launching

Messages are stored in (your home folder)/Library/Application Support/Enclose/Messages/. Message files should not be removed or renamed. Copying message files is possible but not recommended (try an alias instead).

To resend a message, select it in the list and click the Resend toolbar button. In the resulting email edit view, change any recipients and text desired, then click Send.

To permanently remove a message from the list, select it in the list and choose Edit > Delete. This removes it from Enclose’s database and deletes the filed message. A toolbar button is available for the Delete command. To display the button, choose View > Customize Toolbar.

When the message lists are displayed, if a message is currently being edited, a bold icon appears in the toolbar’s Edit button. To see and continue editing or sending the message, click Edit.

To locate a particular message by subject, type part of the subject into the search field while the Sent or Drafts lists are displayed.

• Be sure that (your home folder)/Library/Application Support/Enclose is included in your
regular files backup.

Previous Messages List