To set up email (in Enclose setup assistant)

1. Enter the name that email sent by Enclose should use (normally your common name). If you have configured Apple Mail, this is filled in—you may change it.

2. If there is a popup menu containing email addresses, choose the address that Enclose should use as its From address.
Or, enter the From address (such as “”)

Make sure the radio button next to the desired email address is selected.

3. Click Done.
Email setup is the last step in the normal Enclose first-run setup process. After this, and whenever Enclose is reopened, the main Enclose window is shown.

This page describes the one-time Enclose Setup assistant. To set up email after the first run of Enclose, see Email Preferences.

Enclose Setup assistant configures email sending settings. If MobileMe is used for uploading, the MobileMe email account is automatically used (this can be changed later in Preferences). For other server types, Enclose can import email settings from Apple Mail.
Email Setup