To set up an FTP server (in Enclose Setup assistant)

1. Enter the host name of a server, as used for FTP uploading (“”).

2. Enter the FTP user id (login name) and password.

3. If there is an existing folder on the server that Enclose’s folder of shared files should be located within, enter the path to that folder.

4. Optionally, enter a download URL which points to the folder that will contain Enclose’s folder of shared files. If left blank, Enclose uses the FTP host name followed by any Path to FTP space to build download links.
If the download url does not use the same host name used for FTP uploading, or the path used for downloading is not identical, enter the download URL.

Click Continue.

Enclose uploads a test file and downloads it to confirm the URL. This will take a few moments.

When settings are correct, the “File server ... is ready to use” panel appears.

5. Note any settings on that panel, then click Continue.

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This page describes the one-time Enclose Setup assistant. To set up an FTP server after the first run of Enclose, see FTP Preferences.

Enclose Setup assistant includes panels for setting up FTP upload access to a server.

Each server used by Enclose must provide web access for downloads (HTTP), regardless of the upload method (such as FTP in this case). Setting up an FTP server requires login information, the path to the folder for FTP upload, and the matching download URL pointing to the same location.

Enclose creates a folder named “Enclose” on the server in the place you designate. This folder holds the files you send using Enclose.
FTP Setup