Sending your files, documents and media, to anyone, efficiently is our goal. It should happen quickly and reliably. Your recipients should receive files using the tools they are already familiar with. It should be so easy that you barely give a thought to how it happens.

Enclose uploads your file to a server, and sends a message to the recipient containing a download link. Your recipient clicks the link and receives the file.

Files: Unlike sharing services for photos or videos, Enclose is for sharing any kind of file, from word processing documents to Garage Band tracks. If your file is not Internet-ready, or you are sending multiple files (again, mix any kinds of files, or folders), Enclose puts it in a compressed
Zip package for delivery.

Server: Enclose uploads the file or package to the server of your choice. If you subscribe to MobileMe, you have up to 20GB of server space ready to go, and Enclose just works. If your ISP provides web space, or your business has a web site or in-house web server, you can use that. If you don’t have anything like that, MobileMe is reasonably priced, and usefully integrated with Apple software. There’s even a 60-day free trial.

Link: Once configured to use your server, Enclose knows how to create a standard web link (HTTP URL) that points to the uploaded file. This solves one of the most annoying problems of sharing files from a server--getting the URL right, including hostname, folder path, slashes, underscores, escaped characters, and the right file extension. None of which you need worry about anymore.

Message: Enclose creates an email message containing the link to your file. Customizable templates provide some text to make it clear to your recipient what to do (that is, click on the link). Add anything else you’d like to say in the email, and click Send.

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