Gracion Enclose lets you share documents and media without email attachment hassles.

Drag a file, several files, or a folder, to Enclose’s main window or icon. An email instantly appears, containing a single link for the recipient to click and receive your file(s). You can edit the email, of course, base it on customizable templates, send to individuals or groups (as defined in your Mac OS X Address Book).

Aside from email, you can drag the download link to an iChat (or other IM) text window for immediate distribution. Drag the link to documents or presentations. Fax it. SMS it. Post it. (If you’re not big on dragging, we have copy and paste too.)

For frequent recipients, drag any file(s) directly to a recipient or group in the main window.

Your link is alive. Recipients can forward it for further distribution. You can replace the file on the server with a newer version, or number versions sequentially.

What server? Pretty much any server you like: MobileMe’s iDisk is the easiest, requiring virtually no setup. Or use your own webspace, through FTP, SMB, WebDAV, AFP, or any web server you can connect to with the Finder.

Want to ensure confidentiality? Install
PGP Desktop and let Enclose auto-encrypt as you send.
What You Can Do with Enclose