To setup MobileMe (nonautomatic)

If you already have a MobileMe account, go to step 2.

1. To obtain a MobileMe trial membership, click the MobileMe Free Trial button. This opens Apple’s MobileMe web site in an Enclose web browser window. On the site, click “Free Trial” and follow instructions to sign up and obtain your MobileMe Member Name.

You may view MobileMe introductory information in the Enclose browser window, but some features such as video are not available.

To view MobileMe information and/or sign up using your usual web browser (such as Safari or Firefox), click the browser button at the top of the Enclose browser window. This closes the window and opens the MobileMe site in your default web browser.

When you have completed signing up for MobileMe, return to the Enclose Setup assistant window by closing the Enclose browser window, or if you used your own web browser, click the Enclose icon in the Dock.

2. Enter your MobileMe Member Name along with your MobileMe password. Your password is stored securely in your Keychain. If the password is already in your Keychain, you don’t have to enter it here.

3. Click Continue. Enclose logs into MobileMe and indicates that your MobileMe iDisk is ready to use. We recommend you check the box “Check for Enclose software updates at startup.” This helps ensure you have the best-available version of Enclose, through an automatic update system, much like the OS X Software Update system.

4. Click Continue. On the MobileMe Email pane, enter or correct the From name used to indicate your name when sending email from Enclose. Enclose automatically uses your MobileMe email account to send email. To change this, after setup is finished, choose Enclose > Preferences.

5. Click Done.

There are two ways to set up Enclose to use MobileMe’s iDisk service. When your MobileMe name is entered in System Preferences, Enclose Setup assistant automatically configures the service. Otherwise, you may enter a MobileMe name in Enclose Setup “nonautomatically.” If you have not previously used MobileMe, you may sign up for a 60-day free trial of the service.

To set up, choose “Use MobileMe” and click Continue, as described on the previous help page. Then:
MobileMe Setup (nonautomatic)