To Select Server Type (Enclose Setup)

1. Launch Enclose (for the first time) and see the Welcome panel of Enclose Setup. Click Continue.

If you see “Your MobileMe iDisk ... is ready to use”:

2. To use MobileMe for Enclose, click Continue, review your email From name, and click Done. You’re done!

To use a different server (including a different MobileMe account), click Back.

If you see “What kind of server?”

3. For FTP or MobileMe uploads, choose “Use an FTP Server” or “Use MobileMe.” For other file servers that you can connect to with the Finder, choose “Use a Finder-Mounted server.”

4. Click Continue.

The first time you run Enclose, the Enclose Setup assistant guides you through a one-time setup process. To make setup changes after this first time, use Preferences.

MobileMe (automatic)

If MobileMe (formerly .Mac) is configured in your System Preferences, Enclose automatically uses your MobileMe settings for uploading and for email. After you click Continue on the welcome panel, after a short time, the next panel says “Your MobileMe iDisk ... is ready to use.” You may check the Enclose software updates preference (recommended), verify your name for email, then click Done. Enclose displays its main window and you are ready to send files.

For MobileMe, Enclose creates a folder named “Enclose” in the Sites folder of your iDisk. This folder holds the files you send using Enclose.

What kind of server?

If MobileMe settings are not found, or if you choose Back from the “ready to use” panel, you get a choice of server “kinds”. Aside from MobileMe (where you may enter any MobileMe name and password), you may choose “Finder-mounted server” or “FTP server.” Although the server you use is always a Web server, Enclose needs to know whether it will upload files using FTP or the Finder.
Setting Up - Introduction