Previous email recipients are shown in the recipients list on the left side of the main window. To hide the list, drag the resize dot on the right edge of the list all the way to the left. To show the list, drag the dot to the right, or choose View > Show Recipients List.

To create an email message pre-addressed to a person or group in the list, drag your file(s) directly to the name in the list.

To add a name from the list to an email being edited, drag the name to the To, Cc, or Bcc field.

If you previously sent email to an Address Book group, the group is listed, and the current members of the group may be shown (and used) by clicking the triangle to the left of the group name.

To see details about a person select a name in the list. Details are shown in a panel below the list. To show or hide the details panel, drag the resize dot between the list and the panel.

To locate a previous recipient quickly, type part of the person’s name or email address in the search field just above the list.