Enclose preferences contain the settings for communicating with email and file servers, behaviors such as automatic file removal, font styles, and general preferences. To open preferences, choose Enclose > Preferences.

Check for Enclose software updates at startup (checkbox): Check this to have Enclose automatically check Gracion’s server for new versions when Enclose is opened. Whether or not this is checked, you may at any time choose Enclose > Check For Updates.

As with all web accesses, your IP address is logged by our server when you check for updates. Your Enclose version number may also be recorded. But that’s all.

Play sounds (checkbox): Check this to have special sounds signal when an upload is completed or an email is sent.

Animate URL (checkbox): Check this to have the URL slowly rotate over your document’s icon. This signifies that the URL can be dragged from this location to another application.

Preferences - General