When creating a new email, Enclose uses a template to make up the body of the message. These are similar to signatures in email programs, except the template has places to insert the name and download link of the file being sent.

To use a template, simply create an email message.

To switch the message to a different template, choose the template from the gear popup menu under the “Subject” label. Any changes you have already made to the body text are lost if you switch templates. The chosen template is also used for subsequent emails.

Any template may be used as plain text in actual email: While editing email, choose Format >Make Plain Text. Also, if font preference Start new messages in rich text (HTML) is unchecked, emails are plain text when created.

Once you have selected the desired template for the email, make any changes to the body text desired, address the email, and send.

To change the template itself, choose Format > Edit Templates....
Using Templates