LogScan 2.0  Sign-in/Checkout for Teams

LogScan was created for CERT and first-responder team use to efficiently sign-in members and check out barcoded equipment. It exports reports similar to ICS-211 and ICS 303 in CSV format.

LogScan 2.0 (Free) For all iPhones with iOS 10.3 or later (iOS 7–9 is supported by version 1.0)

What LogScan Does

With a single-number QR code or barcode on your team ID badges, LogScan efficiently (and touchlessly) signs members in and out. In Logistics mode, it signs out equipment that is barcoded with a type number and item number.

Using LogScan

LogScan relies on custom barcodes placed on your equipment, and barcodes for your team members. Barcodes can be easily generated online or with apps such as QRafter or Code128Encoder. To try out the LogScan, print TestBarcodes.pdf. QR code and Code 128 formats are supported.

To sign in a team member, tap "+" and scan a badge number QR or bar code. To sign out, scan again.

To check out an item, scan an inventory bar code on a piece of equipment and a team member's badge number. On return, scan the equipment bar code again. LogScan can check out to numbered teams instead of scanning member codes: After scanning an equipment item, tap 1 through 8 on screen.

In LogScan, press "+" to open the scanner view. Scan an item and a team member (or vice-versa). Each pair of scans is a checkout. The next time a checked-out item is scanned, it is checked in. To see the list of all events, close the scan view. ("Close" at bottom right).

Reports (on the Send tab) are exported as comma-separated values (.csv) for display or printing in a spreadsheet app. Files work best for email/text/AirDrop, text may be used to paste into another app on your device.

LogScan is developed with actual field-use by a CERT team.

Bar Codes

LogScan relies on punctuation encoded in your bar codes to know what is being scanned. Equipment inventory requires both a type (kind, such as "Kenwood Radio") and a number for the specific item (Radio #5). A dash (hypen) separates the two and identifies the code as equipment as opposed to person. For example "101-5" for Kenwood Radio #5. Some Printable equipment codes.

People/Team Members: Any code that does not contain a dash (hypen) is considered a person. A plain number is a person ID. Optionally, the name of the person may be built into the code in the format LAST.FIRST/ID.

QR codes sized 3/4-inch square work well for number-only IDs that include error-correction. Your Badge software or service shoud support this. A red laser overlay on any code is not helpful. Suggested settings for equipment barcodes in Code128Encoder app:

Person/Equipment Database

To allow customization and retention of equipment and team member names, Logscan can import a csv file containing IDs and names. Scan a few test codes, then tap Utilities on the scan view. Export the data to your spreadsheet, edit and add names and IDs of item types and team members, then import the edited csv back into LogScan. Pass the file into LogScan using the "Open In.." command on your iPhone. Emailing an attachment to your phone is usually easiest.

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