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Central Directory Public Beta Released

ClickMail Central Directory earns praise from beta testers

SAN FRANCISCO--June 1, 1998--The public beta version of ClickMail Central Directory, the master address book for Mac OS, has been released by One Click Systems. The fully functional, time-limited beta lets Mac and PC users on a network look up email addresses from a central directory from within their email software. It uses the LDAP protocol, supported by such clients as Eudora Pro 4, Netscape Communicator, Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express, Mulberry, and QuickMail Pro. ClickMail Central Directory is the first LDAP server released that runs on Mac OS.

Two early beta testers rave about ClickMail Central Directory: "In just the short time I have used the ClickMail LDAP server with our email system, it has saved me an enormous amount of time," reports Suzanne Delahanty, IT Director of Adams Business Media. "ClickMail's an elegant solution to what previously seemed like an unsolvable IT issue on large Mac networks--updating Internet address books for multiple platforms. I installed the software on our EIMS server without a hitch, and our end users are finding it an invaluable asset. ClickMail is definitely a permanent addition to my network. Many thanks for a great IT tool."

Webmaster Chuck Boody of Hopkins School District in Minnesota: "ClickMail provides more information [than Ph] through the LDAP searches, and the search is always quick. ClickMail provides an efficient way to import and export records through FileMaker Pro. That allows users to get up and running with very little knowledge of LDAP . . . There has never been a conflict of any sort with the ClickMail installation. It has operated transparently and efficiently since the earliest days of the betas."

In addition to working with many email clients, ClickMail Central Directory can also be integrated with AppleShare IP's Users & Groups file. A new AppleShare server can be populated with users from an external directory or user list in one step by ClickMail. And, an existing set of AppleShare users' addresses can be exposed to email users on a network for easy communication. Permissions may be set to limit access to a range of IP addresses in a company or network of offices on the Internet.

To obtain the public beta of ClickMail Central Directory, or for more information, visit <>. The 1.0 release will ship by late June.

One Click Systems, located in Ashland, Oregon, USA, is an independent software vendor specializing in Macintosh and Internet standards. The company is the developer of ClickMail Internet Gateway, which connects QuickMail LAN email software to Internet mail with a standard Internet dial-up account. Additional product information is available on the Web at <

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