Getting started



Installing ClickMail

1. Double-click the downloaded ClickMail file to uncompress it (this may be done for you as part of the download process). The uncompressed result is a folder called "ClickMail Folder."

2. Drag the ClickMail folder to any desired location on your hard disk.

3. If integrating with AppleShare, copy the library file "AppleShare IP Registry API" from your AppleShare IP CD-ROM to the Extensions folder (of OS 8/9).
There is no need to restart the Macintosh.

4. If using Remote Web Administration, drag the enclosed folder "cmweb" to your web folder on the same Mac (see below).

5. If this is a purchased copy (rather than evaluation), open ClickMail from the Finder and choose Serial Number from the Edit menu. Enter your serial number and click OK. If you do not enter a serial number, ClickMail runs for 30 days as an evaluation.

Files in the ClickMail folder

ClickMail C.D.

The application program that does all the work.

Import/Data Utility.fm3

This FileMaker document may be used to prepare data for importing into ClickMail. It can also be handy for offline manipulation of data from your running ClickMail directory. See Export/Import for more information.

Example directory datafile, Example directory datafile keys

These two files are an example directory for you to try. Do not store your real data here—create your own datafile.


This Administrator Guide is in the Guide folder. Start at file index.html.

Other ClickMail files

ClickMail LDAP Preferences

This file, located in the Preferences folder, is created by ClickMail when it is launched. Here it remembers which datafile to open, and other settings.

Directory files

A ClickMail directory is stored in a matching pair of files. You name the first file, ClickMail gives the second file the same name plus "keys." We refer to this pair as a "datafile." Be sure to keep these files paired—for example, don't restore one from a backup without the other. You may create as many datafiles as you wish, but only one is open/in use at a time.

• A datafile should not be copied or backed up while it is open (ClickMail is using it). This is because a copy of a file in an open state cannot be reopened later. To copy the datafile, make a backup with ClickMail's Backup command (File menu), then copy the two backup files.

cmweb folder

 This folder contains the web interface files for Remote Web Administration. It should be placed in Web Folder (AppleShare IP) or Web Files (Personal Web Sharing).