Error messages in ClickMail



The application "ClickMail C.D." could not be opened because "OTUtilityLib" (or similar) could not be found.

One of the extensions that ClickMail needs is not in the Extensions folder, or the Mac is running with extensions off. Move the missing extension to the Extensions folder and open ClickMail again. The name in the error message may differ from the filename of the missing extension. ClickMail always needs OpenTptInternetLib. For Systems 7.5–7.6.1, AppleScriptLib, InterfaceLib, MathLib, and ObjectSupportLib must also be present. These are all part of your normal Mac OS

Errors in the Configure Directory Server window

If an error occurs while opening the datafile, the Configure Directory Server window is (re)opened with the error displayed in red at the top. This can be a disk error when trying to locate or find the file, or a corrupted datafile. Make sure there is a "keys" file in the same folder as the main datafile, by the same name plus a space and "keys".

Try using the Open button to find or reopen the file.

If the error is disk-related, try restoring a backup copy of the datafile or running a disk utility program.

TCP errors in the log

Check the TCP/IP settings for the ClickMail Mac. Check the connection to the network or Internet. Try quitting and restarting ClickMail.