Other problems in client programs



Entries that should be found are not found

Try reindexing the datafile (File menu).

Verify that the search text is entered properly according to the client's design (see Client Programs). Some clients require an asterisk before the entered term to find that term anywhere in an attribute value.

In Outlook, the advanced preference "simple search" may prevent you from getting the results you expect. See Outlook Express.

Try the same search using Find in the Entry window to see whether the correct entries are found. If not, make sure the entries contain the data you expect. If the entries are correct but still not found, follow the step below to recreate the datafile.

If Find succeeds in the Entry window but the client find does not, either the client is not asking the right thing or ClickMail does not understand the request. To troubleshoot this, temporarily set your logging importance to "All" with disk logging on (see File menu). You may be able to get a sense of the request from this log. Or, send Gracion Software Tech Support part of the log for analysis.

If using Eudora Pro 4.0, upgrade to 4.0.1.

To rule out the possibility that the directory index is corrupted, recreate the datafile: Export all entries, create an new datafile, and reimport the entries. LDIF format works well for this.

An expected attribute does not appear in returned entries

Make sure that preferences for this attribute (individual or default) allow this client to read the attribute. See Attribute Permissions.

Make sure that the attribute you are requesting with the client is really the same as that contained in the directory ("street" is different from "postal address"). Netscape, Eudora, and Mulberry have options to display all the available attributes with their names. It may help to look at the Attributes Reference window in ClickMail (see File menu), which lists common attributes, and the plain-English names used by ClickMail.