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Updated 1/5/03

ClickMail returns at half the price, with new features

On January 5, 2003, Gracion Software released ClickMail Central Directory 1.2, with improved web administration including compatibility with OS X's Classic layer. The Administrator Guide was completely revamped in HTML, and includes setup instructions for new OS X email clients. Also, the price of the product was recently cut in half, to $249 for the complete product (formerly called XL version).

Conference Session informs Macworld Expo attendees

One Click Systems owner Paul Collins presented "The Promise of LDAP: Standards-based Internet Directories" at Macworld Expo New York on July 23, 1999. This Pro/Conference session featured a full discussion of LDAP directories, what they can (and may someday) do, and how to get started. Virtual guest speaker Jeff Hodges presented a case study on setting up directory services at Stanford University.

Yes, We're Year 2000 Compliant

November 30, 1998 - One Click Systems has completed its year 2000 compliance tests. ClickMail Central Directory passed with flying colors. This is no surprise, since both the Mac OS date system and LDAP date specifications are both Year 2000 compliant.

It Shipped!

July 14, 1998 - ClickMail Central Directory is now shipping to customers. The 1.0 version includes web administration (XL version), support for major email clients, AppleShare IP Users & Groups integration, and a comprehensive Administrator Guide.

As the first LDAP server on Mac OS, ClickMail is working reliably in the field today, as evidenced by enthusiastic reports from our early customers and beta testers. Download our evaluation version to see for yourself!

On the order form, you'll find our introductory pricing which expires July 31 (1998). One Click Systems offers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee on all its software products.

Pricing Announced For ClickMail Central Directory

ClickMail Central Directory is available in two versions:

Introductory pricing expires July 31 (1998).

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