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How to make a Sherlock 2 plug-in

ClickMail and Sherlock 2

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ClickMail and the Network Browser

You can make a plug-in for ClickMail, so that your ClickMail server appears in the People channel.

To customize your plug-in, you need to edit it with a text editor such as BBEdit or SimpleText. Because the file type is not 'TEXT', you must persuade your text editor that it's OK to edit this file.
  1. Download this file: ldapClickMail.src (BinHex)

  2. Either (a): In BBEdit, choose Open from the File menu, choose Any File from the File Types pop-up menu, and open the plug-in file. Or, (b) use ResEdit or Dataviz FileView to change the file type temporarily from 'issp' to 'TEXT'. Then edit in SimpleText.

  3. Enter the URL or IP address on the "action =" line, followed by "/??one?"

  4. Save your changes. If you changed the file type, change it back to 'issp'

  5. Place the file in the People folder of the Internet Search Sites folder in the System folder. There is no need to restart the Mac.

 This plug-in should work with any LDAP server.
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