Where DigiTunnel Files Go

DigiTunnel components must be in their various locations on your OS X startup disk to function, please do not move them. To check whether all files are in place, use DigiTunnel Plumber (available on our web site).

To remove the software, use Uninstall DigiTunnel (see instructions).

The "control panel" of System Preferences that handles all user interface.
/Library/Application Support/DigiTunnel (folder)
• plugin.ppp: This module handles connection, authentication, and routing. If missing, any attempt to connect fails immediately.
• pptp-slave: Supports the PPTP protocol, handling data and control communications with the server.
• DigiTunnel-Dialer: Runs the Control/Status icon menu.
• PPPDialogs.ppp: Localized dialogs.
• Uninstall DigiTunnel: If you wish to uninstall DigiTunnel, open this program. • Relauncher: safely restarts Control-Status menu when desired.
/Library/Application Support/DigiTunnel/Help/
User Guide and DigiTunnel Setup Assistant (used for new installs) are found here.
/Library/Application Support/DigiTunnel/Scripting/
AppleScripts for connecting/disconnecting are found here.
/Library/StartupItems/DigiTunnelStartup/DigiTunnel-Daemon (and other files)
Contains support for configuration and auto-connect. DigiTunnel-Daemon process is always running when your Mac is on.
User preferences file containing per-user configurations. Passwords are stored here, encrypted.