File Server Information

Name: Label used to describe this server in Enclose. This has no affect on server usage.

Address: Display address of the server. The server location cannot be changed. To use a different server or change address, create a new Server preference.

Finder path: POSIX (unix)-type path to the Enclose folder for uploading. Always starts with “/Volumes/” followed by the volume name. To move or rename the Enclose folder, edit the part of the path after the volume name only.

User name: The login name used to sign into file sharing on this server. (Password is stored in the Keychain.)

Using: Current total disk space used on the server by uploaded Enclose files.

Free: The remaining space available on the Server. Decreases if you set Enclose’s Storage Limit below the original free space available.

Storage Limit: If set, Enclose will not use more than this amount of total space on the Server. “None” or 0 means to use all the available space as needed to upload.

Download URL to Enclose folder: This makes up the beginning of every download URL for this server. It ends with the actual name of the Enclose folder (so this name must match the end of the Finder path. When edited, Enclose performs an upload/download test to verify the new URL.

Allow uploads (checkbox): To permit uploading files to this server for sending, check this box. Unchecking the box ensures that no more files will be uploaded to this server.

Server status: If the last upload/download test was successful, shows “Valid”. Also indicates whether uploads are currently allowed or possible.
File Server Preferences - Reference