MobileMe Preferences - Reference
MobileMe Server Information

iDisk: The name of the MobileMe service account shown by Enclose. This is just a label, changing it does not affect the service.

Member: The member name of the MobileMe account. To use a different account, add a MobileMe server with the different name.

Using: The total size of Enclose-uploaded files currently on the server.

Free: The remaining space available according to your iDisk settings at MobileMe. Decreases if you set Enclose’s Storage Limit below the MobileMe iDisk setting.

Storage Limit: If set, Enclose will not use more than this amount of total space on the Server. “None” or 0 means to use all the available space as needed to upload.

Allow uploads (checkbox): To permit uploading files to this server for sending, check this box. Unchecking the box ensures that no more files will be uploaded to this server.

Server status: If the last upload/download test was successful, shows “Valid”. Also indicates whether uploads are currently allowed or possible.