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Enclose Discontinued

I've decided to stop selling Enclose software. Current customers may continue to receive support using the Contact button above. Use of Enclose with MobileMe servers will not work after July 1, 2012 (see details below). No future releases of Enclose are planned.

A possible alternative is DropBox. The public folder in your local DropBox contains instructions for getting a sharable link to a file in that folder.

Gracion Enclose solves the email attachment size problem. When files are dragged to Enclose, it automatically uploads them to the server of your choice, and creates an email with a clickable download link. To receive your file, your recipients don't need to visit a special web site or install software.


Video Screencasts: Introduction to Enclose | Setting Up Enclose

Documentation: Helpbook | Release Notes | Latest Press Release

MobileMe to iCloud Transition

Apple has announced that MobileMe will end in June 2012, replaced by the free iCloud service which opened in Fall 2011. New MobileMe accounts can no longer be created, either within Enclose or on the web. If you have a Family Pack subscription, you can still create new family member accounts to use with Enclose. Details for MobileMe users are available by signing into MobileMe on the web.

To use Enclose with other types of servers, watch the second half of the video Setting Up Enclose. Instead of MobileMe, you can use a Finder-mounted server or FTP Server.

General Installation and Setup (servers: FTP, AFP, SMB, WebDAV, etc.)

Enclose needs a publicly reachable web server to hold your shared files. Any web server you have permission to upload to will work. If you already have a web site, that's perfect—Enclose can put a folder there. You might use shared web space provided by your ISP (for example, provides 20MB free), GeoCities Plus, or a Windows Server at the office.

Drag Enclose to your Applications folder and open it. Enclose requires a web server to host your documents. The setup assistant defaults to your current MobileMe account (if any) or gives a choice of server types. For non MobileMe servers, it tries several URLs for downloading, but may ask for your help during setup.

Using Enclose

Drag one or more documents, or a folder, to the main Enclose window or dock icon. Address the email message, make any desired changes to the email text, and click send.

Or, for instant delivery, drag the URL from the big icon to an iChat text window and hit return in iChat. Your buddy just clicks the link in their iChat window, and downloads immediately. This is faster and more reliable than an iChat (IM) file transfer. You can even drag the link to a group chat for many people to download at once.

You can use the URL in other software, such as email programs or word processors. Files remain on your server for the time period set in preferences, or until room is needed for newer files.


  • Setup assistant that discovers server and email settings
  • Works with FTP, AFP, SMB, WebDAV, or any other web server you can connect to with the Finder.
  • Automatic public key lookup and file encryption when PGP Desktop is present.
  • Complete email sending system optimized for sending Enclose links
  • Unlimited customizable email templates
  • Droppable recent recipients list, Address Book integration, Send to Groups
  • iChat Presence indicators
  • Drag URL to iChat for immediate download by recipient
  • Copy URL shortcut Command-Shift-C
  • View and resend previous messages and files. Messages are Spotlight indexed.
  • View messages with Quick Look (on 10.5)
  • Use multiple servers automatically on a time or space-available basis
  • Pre-configured for Gmail and MobileMe email
  • Built in software updater (Sparkle)
  • Auto-flatten QuickTime movies; Auto-zip files by type (customizable)


  • MobileMe service is no longer available.
  • Enclose-shared documents are not linked from public web pages, but they are downloadable by anyone with the link URL. Confidential documents should be securely encrypted before sharing. To secure documents, we recommend using Enclose's built-in support for PGP Desktop.
  • Please backup your documents.